Town Board Meeting April 3, 2018

The Bedford Town Board unanimously passed an amendment to local law chapter 125 permitting half bathrooms, wash stalls, washers and dryers in barns without a Special Use permit.
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Planning Board Recommendation January 24, 2018

Letter from Planning Board to the Bedford Town Board recommending revisions to the Zoning law defining "livestock barn" and permitting half bathrooms, wash stalls, washers and dryers with a new Special Use permit.
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Planning Board Meeting January 9, 2018

Article from the Record Review (January 12) covering the January 9th meeting, where the Board decided to recommend that half bathrooms (toilet and sink, wash stalls, washers and dryers) be permitted in livestock barns. The Planning Board will discuss other issues raised by BLH at a future meeting (such as clearing for pastures).
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Supervisor Burdick's Request to Planning Board Dec 14, 2017

Supervisor Chris Burdick sent this letter to the Planning Board asking that the Board address the bathroom/wash stall issue right away, and they address the larger issue thereafter. The larger issue, of course, is the horse-friendly character of Bedford.
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Record Review of the Dec 5th Town Board Meeting

The petition was presented at the 12/5 Town Board meeting and was received with complete enthusiasm and agreement. This is the article in the Record Review describing the meeting. Very successful in raising the issue to everyone's consciousness.
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The PETITION to Town Board December 5, 2017

This is the petition that was presented at the Bedford Town Board Meeting on 12/5/2017 (referenced here in case you want to see the points made, supported by over 400 signers!)
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Record Review December 1, 2017

Letter to the Editor from John Stockbridge, responding to the Eve Marx column, supporting the need for "open discussions on zoning issues as regards horse-friendly issues."
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Record Review November 24, 2017

Column by Eve Marx supporting the Bedford Loves Horses initiative. . .
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Record Review August 11, 2017

This article discusses the issue of Bedford not permitting bathrooms in horse barns. . .
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Bedford is Horse Country

This is a full-page ad by the Record Review promoting newspaper subscriptions. "Ours is a special community. Only an hour from the world's most exciting city, we can walk down a dirt road and wave to a horseback rider." It has probably run many times... this image is from the Record Review on November 17, 2017.
The top half-page (headline) says it all!
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