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This page will include resources for backyard barn owners, such as information on getting an agricultural exemption, providers of hay and feed, and so forth. We will NOT include information regarding individual farriers, trainers or veterinarians. If you have any questions about having a backyard barn in Bedford, email us and we'll do our best to help you out.

Backyard Barn Information

Agricultural District Status

Some backyard barns may be able to apply for Agricultural District or Ag Assessment status. The Agricultural District protects farmers (including equestrian operations) from anything that infringes their right to operate. It is designed for commercial use and is protected by New York State Ag and Markets Law. The general guidelines for a farm to be considered for the district are: 7 acres of land use; and $10,000 in commercial income (board, etc.). Properties under 7 acres need at least $50,000 in commercial income; this usually applies to nurseries growing for resale. For more information visit the Westchester County Ag District website at http://planning.westchestergov.com/agriculture-and-farmland. Getting an Ag Assessment is handled directly through Bedford's tax assessor.
Posted 7/28/2017 3:50:10 AM   updated 7/28/2017 4:15:38 AM

Equine Volunteer Opportunities

If you or your family would like to spend time around horses - but not in the saddle, there are many volunteer opportunities at Endeavor Therapeutic Horsemanship (www.endeavorth.org) and Thirteen Hands Equine Rescue (www.13handsequine.org). Both organizations would welcome your involvement.
Posted 8/9/2017 9:30:29 AM

Practice Cross Country Course

River Horse Farm at 260 Hunt Lane in North Salem has a cross country course available for schooling. You must make a reservation, bring a trainer or use the farm's trainer, and pay a $50/horse fee. The field has cross-country jumps to suit a variety of levels from Beginner Novice to Training, including a water jump with beach and bank entrances and exits, a small up and down bank, a variety of logs and portables, a corner, a chevron, a table, and a ditch. The cross country area is self-contained on sloping terrain suitable for teaching balance on hills.
Posted 7/29/2017 1:38:05 PM   updated 7/30/2017 1:33:22 PM

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